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Jeffrey Hayzlett

Of course you will always try to achieve your business goals faster. Yes, you will always try to find greater clarity and confidence in the value of your services. And you will always try to find and build more profitable business relationships.

But trying and doing are two very different things.

For coaches, consultants and thought leaders, becoming part of our Accreditation Program and joining the C-Suite Network Coaches Council is a game changer.

Through the C-Suite Network we speak with C-Suite Leaders and Advisors every day. And the truth is, right now, a massive chasm is opening up around trust, recognition and the value of coaches and advisors in the C-Suite.

The challenge is what will you DO to rise above it?

Working closely with coaching industry veterans and specialists offering advisory services, we have created a new way forward based around giving you the elevation, integration and acceleration you need to thrive.

As we like to say...why try and stand out from a crowd when you can soar above it?

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Co-Founder & Chairman, C-Suite Network

Why try and stand out in a crowd when you can soar above it?

 As a professional coach or business specialist,
do you feel satisfied with the
direction your industry is taking?

 Right now, do you feel that trust in the coaching and business advisory industry is growing?

Do you think prospective clients are finding it easier to seek out effective coaches that they know, like and trust?

From your own experience, does the current operating model for coaches and specialists allow them to maximise revenue generating time or are you spending more time on client administration and activities like scheduling, re-scheduling, ad-hoc client communication and invoicing?

We have spent considerable time looking into these questions and now, after listening to the C-Suite Network members (both our C-Suite Leaders and Advisor Network), we are certain that while the benefits of coaching still far outweigh the negatives, this is an industry is under attack.

The truth is people are finding it harder to trust that a coach or specialist will actually deliver the results they desire - in either life or business. For the coaches and specialists, the saturation of entry level practitioners is that clients are moving around more than ever as they search for someone they respect, like to work with and can help them grow.

Lastly, as with all service based business, the demands on coaches and specialists to deliver additional value (a.k.a. free time) is also increasing. As clients look for more tools and even more relevant content, the opportunity to grow and scale a profitable coaching or advisory practice is shrinking.

It may sound counterintuitive, but the success of the coaching industry has actually brought about one of it’s greatest challenges, as more people realise the benefits of coaching, the desire for more coaching (and coaches) has increased. However, this has lead to a bigger problem for established coaches and specialists as higher net-worth/"successful" clients (the one's we all want to work with), are now asking...

How can I be sure if this coach has the precise skillset, experience and track record that I require?

Quite often, the feedback we get to hear is that the results don't warrant the investment and that the time, money and effort required to make a proper assessment is just too much to ask.

If only there was a network of pre-qualified, trustworthy and effective coaches and specialists for clients to choose from?

Now there is...

Based on the C-Suite Network's commitment to protect it's C-Suite Leaders and serve it's Network, we our proud to introduce the C-Suite Network Coaches Council.

Three Strategic Imperatives Every
Professional Coach & Business Specialist
Must Satisfy
...(and we deliver) 


 In the global coaching and advisory industry, the possession of a distinct accreditation can be a passport to achieving the trust and recognition among networks and attracting the higher net worth clients. It lends a credibility to the value of your services and provide authentic, measurable third party validation to the quality of your work.


Integrating your back office functions with a trusted and capable partner can provide a vital cog to your businesses, giving you the administrative, operational and customer service firepower you need to immediately scale operations without additional capital expenditure or sacrificing your revenue generating hours.


Accreditation through the C-Suite Network Coaches Council is a gateway to accelerating your businesses and fast tracking your growth. The opportunities are endless; higher calibre professional connections, the ability to collaborate with the right peers and increase your value in the marketplace.

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