Ivor Lok

Founder, C-Suite Network Coaches Council

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Ivor Lok – International #1 Best Selling Author, Peak Performance Master Strategist, Business Results Trainer, Global Impacter

Ivor has been studying human behavior for over 20 years, he has completed over 15,000 coaching sessions and considers himself very fortunate to be associated with some of the biggest influencers in the industry.

Ivor Lok is the Founder of the C-Suite Network Coaches Council.

He has a deep breadth of business knowledge and has proven success in helping clients break through their unconscious behavior and find a more empowered state of being that allows them to manage the incredible stress and find the solutions that are needed to run a successful business.

Ivor has assisted business owners to survive the terrifying feeling of being at the brink of bankruptcy and then helping them find solutions that empower them to launch out of survival mode.

Ivor knows what it takes to get your mindset right to tackle any combination of obstacles that get placed in your way at first to survive the immense pressure and the uncertainty of business and then to create the strategies and the momentum to drive your business into thrive mode.

Being stuck, uninspired and depressed for many years as an Electrical Engineer and after seeking change in his own life and experiencing a transformational shift of psychology, Ivor became a licensed Bob Proctor Presenter, a Business Results Trainer and Peak Performance Results Coach for Tony Robbins, where he has coached Master and Platinum, Partner clients. He is one of only a handful of coaches that has the privilege to coach at this elite level.

Ivor’s passion is shifting people’s personal psychology and guiding them to take action beyond their comfort zone. With a wealth of experience and an engineering mind, he works closely with teams and individuals to logically develop the strategies required for them to have the best chance of success.

Ivor is passionate and dedicated to assisting others to keep leveling up and is on an audacious mission to impact ONE BILLION lives.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Chairman, C-Suite Network

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Everyone should be striving to achieve their business goals faster. Yes, you will always try to find greater clarity and confidence in the value of your services. And you will always try to find and build more profitable business relationships.

But, what are you doing about it?

Trying and doing are two very different concepts.

For coaches, consultants, and thought leaders, joining the C-Suite Network Coaches Council is the game-changer needed to catapult their growth.

The C-Suite Network is a trusted, vetted community of c-suite leaders and Advisors that are a constant resource for anyone seeking to grow their business. As the current environment continues to shift, there is a massive chasm opening up around trust, recognition, and the value of coaches and business specialists in the c-suite.

The challenge is what will you DO to rise above it?

By working closely with coaching industry veterans and specialists offering advisory services, we continue forging a path forward by giving you the right tools to achieve the elevation, integration, and acceleration needed to thrive.

Why try and stand out in a crowd when you can soar above it?

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