The World’s Most Trusted Network of C-Suite Leaders & Advisors

C-Suite Network™ is the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite Leaders, with a focus on providing growth, development and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of Vice President and above from companies with annual revenues of $5 million or greater.

The C-Suite Network™ was founded by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Karl Post and Thomas White.

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television and radio host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV and All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on C-Suite Radio. Hayzlett is a global business celebrity, NSA Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author, and Chairman of C-Suite Network.

Karl Post has served as Vice President and officer of an international franchise printing organization operating three brands with over 900 locations in 23 countries, and also has worked in marketing and business development roles at Eastman Kodak. Post currently is the CEO of TallGrass Public Relations.

Thomas White started 10 companies in the fields of technology, publishing, market research and corporate consulting. He also holds four patents and is co-author of a book on business process technology. Mr. White retired from the organization in 2017.

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